Customs FAQ

Customs related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chapter 1

General Information about Customs:

1.1 What is “Customs”?

1.2 What are the basic responsibilities of Customs

1.3 What is the name of Customs Office? How many customs offices are there in Bangladesh?

1.4 Where are the Custom Houses located?

1.5 How many LC Stations are approved and how many are in Operation? Where the operating…

Chapter 2

Informer of Smuggling of Goods and Rewards:

2.1 How much reward is given to the informer of export/ import smuggling?

2.2 What is the provision of secrecy of informer of export/ import smuggling?

2.3 Should such informer be presented at investigation authority or court in the course of investigation?

2.4 Can the informer get rewards or not, if the goods seized are given to use…

2.5 How the amount of reward to informants has been provisioned, if the goods are provided…

2.6 What types of papers are required to get reward by informer or the person who…

2.7 How the amount of reward is given, if there is more than one informer?